domingo, 29 de novembro de 2009

No hidden meanings

I'm fine. I really am, 'cause I confess: I was wrong, I am wrong. But, there's one thing I'm sure about: I don't wanna be wrong anymore... And the right decisions are about to be taken by ME! I am responsible for my life, and, with God helping me, I'll do the right thing.

Sometimes I overreact, do something that I'm sure I'll regret later... But, come on! Life's a process, not a product! I'm not a full-time teacher, I'm also a learner! As Barbie would sing: "I need to know these answers, I need to find my way! Seize my tomorrow, learn my yesterday."

Reflecting on Barlowgirl's lyrics, too, I sing: "God, you have to save me. You're my last and only hope."

This is not a post. It's a prayer, I know He has just read this before I had written...

Thank you, Lord. I can hear you. I'll listen to your words really carefully. Use people to talk to me, I need you!

Thank you, Jesus! You won't regret trying to save me, 'cause I AM YOURS!!! I'M SAVED!!!!

I love you, God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

2 comentários:

  1. Is a beutiful prayer. are u fine? when u fell so bored, tired or i don´t know, i have a recipe.So take note.
    1_ take a chocolate, that delicious. the mouthwatering.a box.
    2_ put a "papel celanfone" in the light.
    3_turn on the radio in the last " volume".
    4_go up in your bed and start to jump, eating chocolate,of course.
    sometimes i think that i am crazy, but i don´t know . i try don´t see difficulties in nothing, when all was wrong i go to my mind and i imagine "um monte" of things. "das malucas até as mais sobreas".i don´t know, sometimes i think that god give the gift of imagination for me fly by the world . is fantastic." é dai que eu tiro as minhas histórias." is as my dreams. is as if was i. that´s why i like to read, is how i particpate the history. i´m worse than a child.
    When u are tired, start to fly in the crazies ideas , "nas mais sonhadoras e remotas" , por quê ai sim eu acho que está o bom dá vida.". Fly without go out "daonde" you are.because nothing best dreams to leave u " para frente."
    see ya.


  2. Oh, I feel good now! I haven't eaten lots of chocolate or jumped on my bed, but... lol
    Thanks for the advice! I'll remember it in case I feel bad again! Kisses, Bruno! :)