segunda-feira, 26 de abril de 2010

Me? Pregant???

It must be a dream... (Yeah, unfortunately, it was.)
It felt so real, so damn good! Maybe it's because I would turn 25 the next day, which means I would no longer be a girl.
I'm a woman now. I'm supposed to procreate, isn't that right?
I need a baby, I've got to be a mother.
Ok, ok, it's real life. Having a baby requires lots of responsabilities, but so what? I still want to have children... Beautiful girls, cute ones!
I could conclude this post saying that I'll keep on practicing, but it wouldn't be me... (After all, haven't I said so? lol)
All right! I'll just keep waiting, 'til God blesses me and gives me the baby of my dreams!
**Mom already loves you!!!**
(Ok, I'll go to bed now... I'm too sleepy to continue posting in here! lol)

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